Top Five Friday

I've been listening to Regina Spektor a lot lately. Here are my Top 5. I think Us (500 Days of Summer soundtrack) is one of the greatest songs ever. It makes me want to frolic in a field of strawberries or something equally as idyllic. Number two is Samson (he ate a slice of Wonder bread and went right back to bed). Number three is Better. I just take a deep, girly breath and smile when it comes on. Number four is On the Radio (uh-oh!); don't you love how she mentions "November Rain" a few times in this song? Now that's some good song-writing. And number five I've had stuck in my head all day today (I'm writing this on Thursday b/c I'm probably en route to Malibu as you read this)-- Musicbox. What are your Regina faves, maybe some of her earlier stuff? Anybody seen her in concert? That's definitely on my to-do list here in Cali. Hope you all have a spectacular weekend!

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