When I grow up

I always wonder what the kids I work with will turn out to be when they grow up. Hopefully I've inspired a few of these rugrats to do something extraordinary with their lives. I'm loving the new "Curious for Life" ad campaign that gives a little insight on the scientists behind all those confusing/overwhelming studies and discoveries we often hear or read about. I'm not only digging the graphic design of these ads, but also enjoying a glimpse into what made these awesome people become what they are today. I remember one key moment that lead me towards science. During my freshman year in college, we went on a field trip to the Kennedy Space Center. One of the astronauts asked me what I was planning to study. It was a toss up between acting and environmental science and I was leaning toward acting (I mean, how many scientists get to work with Leonardo Dicaprio!?). His response, "There are too many actresses and not enough scientists. Go with science." Done and done.

image via the union of concerned scientists (found on inhabitat)


Hi there!

Well, after a few weeks of exhaustion, a variety of small to medium crises at work, and a car accident (not a serious one), I'm happy to say I survived with all ten fingers and toes. I apologize for such a prolonged disappearance but I hope you have all been well and enjoying the summer! It's been a busy one for me, needless to say, with lots of changes as well as challenges. The good news that I've been waiting to tell you is that I moved into my very own apartment! Thanks to a generous donation from the Mom Foundation, I bought a little studio here in Monterey and moved in about two weeks ago. I've never lived on my own, and I must say I absolutely love it. So far it's a little sparse with only a bed, a couch and my teeny tiny T.V. propped up on moving boxes, but it's slowly beginning to look like a little home. I'll post some pictures for you later on in the week. As I'm sitting on the couch writing this entry, I just realized how much I miss blogging! It's good to be back.

image via better than fine


Rolling with the body slams

Seriously, this past week was atrocious. I'm sorry I've been absent on the blog, but I've just been trying to keep it together and not run back to Miami screaming! I know I tempted you with a big upcoming announcement but I really would prefer to share happy news when I'm feeling, well, happy. I'm so not there right now. I always try to keep things in perspective, you know like being thankful for all ten fingers and toes, but rolling with the punches is difficult when there are multiple punches mixed in with a few body slams, coming in from several different angles. Somehow this little picture (and a nice cold beer for dinner) makes me feel better. I'm hoping all this yuckiness passes quickly. Here's hoping my next post is a sunnier one!

via the website that always makes my day a little brighter, miss molly


Happy 4th!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend full of yummies like this and lots of fireworks. Fireworks make the 4th of July one of my top five holidays. Today is my sister's birthday. When she was little we always told her that the fireworks were especially for her.  I can never decide which firework is my favorite, each one is always better than the last! Oh, and I have a super big, exciting announcement for you guys tomorrow.

image via Martha Stewart (I wish all my foods and crafts looked as perfect as Martha's. If I ever attempted this it would probably look like a deformed marshmallow man.)


A worthwhile expedition

These days, plastic is such an integral part of our lives it's hard to go far without bumping into something important made of plastic. Unfortunately, there are too many unimportant items (plastic water bottles and bags) that end up in places they really don't belong, and where they do quite a bit of harm-- the ocean, for example. I spent a while today reading about the Plastics at SEA Expedition which is towing nets through the Atlantic to measure the enormity of this problem, and trust me it's big! On Monday, they captured 23,000 pieces of plastic in just 30 minutes. Now that's just scary. Check out their daily journal which is pretty cool and don't forget your reusable bottles and bags!