Rolling with the body slams

Seriously, this past week was atrocious. I'm sorry I've been absent on the blog, but I've just been trying to keep it together and not run back to Miami screaming! I know I tempted you with a big upcoming announcement but I really would prefer to share happy news when I'm feeling, well, happy. I'm so not there right now. I always try to keep things in perspective, you know like being thankful for all ten fingers and toes, but rolling with the punches is difficult when there are multiple punches mixed in with a few body slams, coming in from several different angles. Somehow this little picture (and a nice cold beer for dinner) makes me feel better. I'm hoping all this yuckiness passes quickly. Here's hoping my next post is a sunnier one!

via the website that always makes my day a little brighter, miss molly


T$C said...

Dude. Perhaps we should commiserate. I've lived in a boxing match for about a full month now, with a few months of wrestling matches leading up to the Big Fight. I'm not sure where I'm screaming back to.. but perhaps I'll go with you to Miami!

Dee said...

Keep coutning ten fingers and toes, and don't forget to count those blessings. They always help. Things will will, they always do :)