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I've got a new cyberspace home that's a little less time consuming than a full blown blog. I'll be posting some of the randomness I find online, and of course some of the randomness that is my life!

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I know, I know. I've completely abandoned the blog! A thousand apologies, and to make up for my long absence I've got a little Instagram mural for you of all the lovely things I've been up to this year. It's been a serious whirlwind and it shows no signs of stopping soon! I'll try and be better about posting from now on. Hope you're all just fine and dandy!

images (clockwise from left): biking the everglades with little sis; hari krishnas in a miami parade; sunset in monterey; heart-shaped cling fish at the aquarium; play-offs!; little s hiking with big k; at the radiohead show with my little sis; radiohead!; coors brewery in colorado; vail, colorado; hiking in vail; on the plane over utah