Happy weekend!

This weekend I had visitors from Miami. My friends J & P came aaaaall the way from Florida to visit little ole me (well, and Zooey Deschanel). We went to the She & Him concert on Friday night-- it was totally awesome! Saturday was spent strolling through the lovely Carmel, and Sunday we had a great day and wild night in San Fransisco. It was hard to take them to the airport this morning, I miss them so much already! Hope you all had a spectacular Memorial Day weekend!

images taken by P Dizzle on the 17 Mile Drive


Kinda Yummy

I'm not completely into the abstract/modern art thing but I'm totally digging these dreamy colors.

images by Michelle Armas via {frolic}


I know I've been away...

This has been my mantra for the last week. I was totally spent from my Miami trip but I'll be back soon!

image via miss molly


Top Five (+1) Friday

I'm feeling a lot better this Friday and I think it has very much to do with the fact that I'm in Miami right this moment. WARM. Today's top 5 makes me warm and fuzzy too. Actually, I'm cheating a bit because I couldn't limit it to 5, so it's 6 (there's a tie). These are my Top 5 blogs. I read these daily for a dose of inspiration, happiness, good ideas and just plain old warm and fuzzies. Number 1 is the master of all blogs, Design Sponge. I think everyone who is addicted to blogs is addicted to the loveliness of Design Sponge. Thanks ladies! Number 2, one of my first blogs, is The Cherry Blossom Girl. In my next life I would like to return as a glamorous Parisian that gets to buy the most spectacular Miu Miu shoes and Chloe bags AND gets to wear them all around the best city on Earth. Number 3, You Are My Fave, must be included in my top five faves. Plus it's author, Melanie, is quite possibly the sweetest blogger out there. Number 4 is Anna Maria Horner's blog where inspiration and beauty practically slap you in the face (in a good way though). Number 5 is the Green Bicycle-- hilarious, inspiring, and I happen to know that one of the author's of this blog is the awesomest lady around. Also number 5, because it was the first blog I got hooked on, is the Tea Drinking English Rose. Charlotte is whimsical and creative, and her Tilly Rose is too cute. I hope you all get to visit and enjoy these lovely blogs. What are your blog faves?


Vamos a Miami

Well folks, I'm off to Miami this weekend! I'm taking a red-eye from San Fransisco on Thursday night, correction, Suki and I are taking the red-eye and will be arriving on Friday morning bright and early in the good ole MIA. I've got plans for happy hour at Scotty's, lunch in the Keys, and visits galore.

images from Le Blog de Betty


Pleather puppies

This weekend at Anthropologie I noticed a lot of small dogs in a variety of snazzy outfits. My favorite was the chihuahua in a black pleather jacket. The poor thing looked like it was struggling a bit. Even funnier than the biker chihuahua was it's owner-- a very serious, 6 foot tall man in khaki's, a button down shirt and cowboy boots. Siggity say what? Anywho, I got plenty of laughs during my shift as I saw very large men with small, clothed dogs on leashes following their wives around the store. Ah, devotion.

yup, that's what you get when you flickr biker chihuahua


This weekend

I saw Clint Eastwood at Trader Joe's and then on the way home I spotted a man walking his donkey down the street. Clint looked like my grandpa and the guy walking the donkey was very grandpa-ish as well. Grandpa and the donkey definitely made me giggle.

image via moogibang/parabolique (cool photos, btw)



Happy Mother's day to all those lovely mums out there! I'm a little sad that I can't be with my spectacular momma this weekend, but I'll be in Miami next weekend so we're celebrating then. Woohoo!

image via rifle paper co. (home of the cutest paper goods out there)


No Top Five for you!

I'm a little crabby this week so I'm postponing the Top Five Friday post. I think the cold wind is really getting to me. I feel like channeling this giant octopus and utterly annihilating a submarine or anything else really. Blargh! <--that's my mean monster noise, by the way

image by Luke Bott via d.Sharp Journal



Did you think it was warm in Malibu? Yeah, so did I. Guess what? We were both VERY mistaken. It was windy and chilly this weekend in Malibu, but I enjoyed the conference anyway. One of the workshops I went to was all about Squirrels. Did you know that squirrels sweat through their paws? They can also find buried nuts under 12 inches of snow! Clever little fellas.

image via Moline's flickr