I'm contemplating the possibility of covering one of my walls in old bookpages. This clever wallpaper idea seems to be in vogue lately and I just might jump right on the bandwagon. I think I'll tackle this project right after I paint one of my kitchen walls with chalkboard paint (another bandwagon that I'm happily riding on). How about you? Got any other tempting home improvement schemes?

image via design is mine


Happy Autumn!

I've never been able to truly appreciate the fall because I've never lived anywhere that experienced this oh-so-lovely season. I still love the colors, the clothes and the anticipation for the upcoming holiday season. It's about this time that I really start to get excited about Halloween, which ties with Christmas for my favorite holiday. I still haven't decided what my costume will be this year. Any ideas?

fall images from all over the world via the huffington post
(don't you miss getting this excited about anything?)

Chipmunks in Star Wars

You're welcome.

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Nice kitty, I mean, shark

How ridiculously cool is this video?  I really admire people that are brave enough to dive with sharks, it's an amazing experience that I would love to have but I just don't know if I'll ever get over my Jaws-phobia. I couldn't help cringing a little when the diver's hand was near the sharks mouth. I think I'll have to be satisfied with watching this HD version until I work up the nerve to go diving someday. But seriously, how awesome would it be to pet a shark like that? What a great way to start off a new week!

video via monterey bay aquarium blog


Book Mobile

Mobiles are pretty dang cute...but a book mobile, is absolutely the coolest thing ever! One of these would look just perfect above my future desk. There are still a few things that I need to get for my apartment. Although I felt like I bought loads of house goodies when I first moved in, I find that I'm still short.Who knew my itty bitty apartment could fit so much?

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These necklaces are so very pretty. Just something else to add onto my Etsy wishlist.

images via fancy frills necklaces by tame



 I'm so very into stripes right now. This print by Blanca Gomez just hits the spot.

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So Pretty

 Loving these flowery looks by Nadinoo. I wish I could pull off short shorts and high heels. Utter cuteness.

found via eat drink chic


Yay eBay!

It's always good to see mega companies taking small steps towards becoming more sustainable. This new shipping box is made out of 100% FSC-certified materials (which hopefully includes some Post Consumer Waste goodness), uses only water-based inks (petroleum-based inks are SO last season) and doesn't need very much tape to close. The beauty lies in the fact that it can be used over and over again to ship all sorts of goodies all over the country, and even the world! Extreme coolness.

image via inhabitat.com


Anthropologie loveliness

This past week I found some pretty great buys at Anthropologie. My employee discount (yes, I have a part-time job that supports my addiction) made them even sweeter. I am absolutely in love with this yellow shirt. I've already worn it twice and whenever I open my closet it just beams at me. It's the perfect cure for these gray, Monterey days. Can we get a little sunshine here please? Sheesh!

image via anthropologie.com


On my desktop

I love this month's desktop calendar on That's Happy. Don't birdhouses just make you smile? I love to walk through my apartment complex and see all the tiny birds fluttering around people's balconies and munching on their birdseed. I've spotted a few hummingbirds around here, so I will soon be investing in a birdfeeder of my own. I'm leaning toward the nectar feeder because I think hummingbirds are too cool for words. I've also got my eye on this calendar. I love the hot air balloons, and I LOVE that it's made out of fabric. Hummingbirds and calendars...it just doesn't get much better than that. I hope you all have lots of reasons to smile this weekend!

download calendar here


Ballet Flats + Moccasins=AWESOME

These also came in the mail last week. I don't remember where I first saw them but I've been dreaming about them for months, and then BAM! They're on sale! I love, love, love them, not just because they're too cute for words but they are quite possibly the comfiest shoes I own. Wahooooo!

you'll find these on sundance