Happy Halloween!

Hope your Halloween is full of fun, friends and lots of the good candy!

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I am madly in love...


With everything by EmersonMade! Every single thing in this shop is drop dead gorgeous. In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die."

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Dream Bike

With all the hills here in Monterey and my lack of experience climbing said hills (coming from the flatness of Miami and all), bicyling to work and around town seems like a far-away dream. Maybe some day I'll work up the stamina to brave these hills on a daily basis but for now the five minute trek to my car is more than enough of a workout. When I read about this beautiful creature, all of my hill-climbing hopes and dreams suddenly came true. As I looked through Onya's website, flashes of Suki sitting in the basket along with all my groceries floated on puffy clouds across the computer screen. The price tag slapped me right back into my office chair but I vow to someday soon own one of these little beauties. In the words of the oh-so-wise Wayne Campbell, "It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine."

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"Send Cassy to Palm Springs" Scholarship Fund

I'm thinking of starting a scholarship fund so that I can finally make it to one of Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing Workshops. Learning to sew with Heather Ross at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs? Um, yes please.

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Cool Bugginess

Everything in Geninne's blog is absolutely spectacular. This guy is no exception.


Community Count Action!

I'm pretty excited to be on the Daily Ocean's Community Count this week! Sara's extraordinary efforts to  keep trash out of the ocean are absolutely amazing, she was even nominated for Oceana's 2010 Ocean Hero Award. Pretty awesome stuff.  Even though it's sad that so many of us have to go out and pick up other people's trash, it's pretty wonderful that there are so many of us that care enough to do it. It's an honor to be a part of such an amazing group of people. Check it out!

image via the daily ocean


Trash, Trash, and S'more Trash

As I mentioned last week, my BFF and I participated in 350.org's 10/10/10 Work Party. I had no idea that we would collect this much trash in just an hour! Apparently someone had a huge bonfire on the beach the night before and left all, I mean all, of their trash on the beach. There were beer cans, beer bottles, liquor bottles, reusable bottles,  blankets, socks and even a pair of shoes! Siggity say what?! All together we collected 93 pounds of trash. Needless to say we were totally pooped after dragging all those bags up the beach, weighing each one and then packing them in the car. It only took five minutes to drive to the dumpster but my car smelled like a dirty bar the whole time. After reading all of the participants' reports online, I felt truly amazed and inspired to be part of such a great event. Go 350.org!

photos taken by the fabulous r.g.


Pretty, Cozy

I love these looks by Plumo. The clothes, tights, boots, hair and makeup are simply perfection. I'm oh-so-excited that I get to wear warm and cozy fall outfits soon. Yay Fall!

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The Unseen Sea

The Unseen Sea from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

 This is what it looks like to drive from San Francisco into Monterey near sunset. I had never witnessed anything quite like this until I moved to California. I almost crashed into the car next to me the first time I saw it. You see, we don't have fog or mountains in Miami.

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The 350.org Global Work Party is this Sunday! I'll be dragging taking my BFF to a beach clean-up so we can participate in this awesome event. What are you doing in your neck-of-the-woods?

find your local events at 350.org


Cuteness for your weekend

Howdy folks! Sorry I've been a M.I.A. this week, it's been crazy busy at work and I've been feeling a little under-the-weather to boot. I figured I would give y'all some extreme cuteness for the weekend. My co-workers caught me making baby noises at the computer screen while watching this video. I just can't help myself.

want to make more baby noises at your computer? videos via monterey bay aquarium website here