Trash, Trash, and S'more Trash

As I mentioned last week, my BFF and I participated in 350.org's 10/10/10 Work Party. I had no idea that we would collect this much trash in just an hour! Apparently someone had a huge bonfire on the beach the night before and left all, I mean all, of their trash on the beach. There were beer cans, beer bottles, liquor bottles, reusable bottles,  blankets, socks and even a pair of shoes! Siggity say what?! All together we collected 93 pounds of trash. Needless to say we were totally pooped after dragging all those bags up the beach, weighing each one and then packing them in the car. It only took five minutes to drive to the dumpster but my car smelled like a dirty bar the whole time. After reading all of the participants' reports online, I felt truly amazed and inspired to be part of such a great event. Go 350.org!

photos taken by the fabulous r.g.

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roxy said...

I laugh every time I see the photo of Suki sitting next to all of that trash! The contrast of cute vs. disgusting and the look of quiet indignation on her face always gets me going.