Last night

I stumbled onto the Ovation channel where they occasionally play really great, yet slightly obscure movies (Madame Bovary, Dr. Zhivago) and they were showing Jane Eyre. Since the new movie is coming out soon, I figured I'd watch this old one for comparison's sake and as a refresher because I read the book so very long ago. Well, I had plain forgotten how painful it was. That moment when everything unravels, and you see the despair on her face and you hear the extreme frustration in his voice. Sigh.

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Braided Bun

I actually pulled this one off over the weekend and I got lots of compliments!

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I'm totally loving everything from the new Filly collection. I wish it was warm enough in Monterey to wear these lovelies.

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I've actually been doing this quite a lot these days. It's a tiny bit comforting that someone else is doing the very same thing too. Mep.

image via poetic heartache ( a new fave)


Post St. Patty's

Loving these green pants from the new Zara Lookbook. Did everyone sport their greenwares yesterday? Who's looking forward to a nice, long weekend to heal from the festivities? Cheers!

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Gaga for your Thursday

This video gave me goosebumps. I love Lady Gaga and all her cooky antics, but this might actually be better than the original.

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Vive la France!

I am sooo looking forward to my income tax return! One of the many things on my wish list is the Rosetta Stone series for French. Yes my friends, this year I will master that lovely language. That way, when I move to Paris I will already know how to communicate with cute boys like the one in this video.

video via katie armour


Suki's Birthday

Today is Suki's 5th birthday. Last night we had dinner and cake to celebrate. Reading Julia Child for the last week or so has inspired me to improve my (seriously lacking) cooking skills. Now, baked mac and cheese is not necessarily a French culinary masterpiece, but it's  definitely a good start. This recipe, from Elephantine, was amazingly easy to follow and seriously tasty. I forgot to take a before picture of the baked mac and cheese, but the after picture is on the left. The photo on the right shows Suki enjoying her carrot birthday cake. Happy Birthday Little S!

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A new love

My current lover is, My Life in France by Julia Child. I've only just started it and am ready to buy a ticket to Paris tomorrow or at least go and eat some yummy French food.

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Happy March!

I just got back from a great little trip to Florida. I got to see my little sis for her birthday, got to see some college friends I hadn't seen in much-too-long, and I got a long over-due haircut. I'll try and post a pic of my new bangs sometime soon. I had bangs last year but I got lazy and let them grow out until a few months ago when I realized that I just didn't feel like myself without my bangs. They make me feel safe and pretty all at once. I always love to get a new look whenever things aren't going my way (read here boy-issues), it makes me feel ready to start over with a new, cute, clean slate. After being out of town, I spent a little while this morning catching up on some of my favorite blogs and found this lovely surprise. I always look forward to Rachel's mixes-- it's like Christmas every month! Yay!

mixtape & image via elephantine.


Linkin Park for your Thursday

Last week I went to see Linkin Park in concert. Needless to say, I woke up the next day with a sore throat from all the screaming singing along . This is one of their lighter songs but after hearing it live, it may be my new fave. This guy does it justice.

check out the video here


Snow in Monterey!

No, it didn't look like this (although how awesome would that be), but we did get a few teeny little snow flurries in the middle of the night on Friday. Sadly, I was tucked into bed cuddling with Suki for warmth. The next morning I found a handful of ice that had collected on the banister. I shot a quick photo with my iPhone and then ran inside to escape the frigid coldness (it's not supposed to be 30 degrees in California!). I thought this pic was prettier though.

image via Janoid