Happy March!

I just got back from a great little trip to Florida. I got to see my little sis for her birthday, got to see some college friends I hadn't seen in much-too-long, and I got a long over-due haircut. I'll try and post a pic of my new bangs sometime soon. I had bangs last year but I got lazy and let them grow out until a few months ago when I realized that I just didn't feel like myself without my bangs. They make me feel safe and pretty all at once. I always love to get a new look whenever things aren't going my way (read here boy-issues), it makes me feel ready to start over with a new, cute, clean slate. After being out of town, I spent a little while this morning catching up on some of my favorite blogs and found this lovely surprise. I always look forward to Rachel's mixes-- it's like Christmas every month! Yay!

mixtape & image via elephantine.

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