Warm Wishes

Sending you all warm thoughts from sunny Florida! Hope your holidays are chock full of yummy goodness.

photo by teddo, inc.


Happy day!

I'm looking forward to all of the birthday shenanigans this weekend! Hope you enjoy your weekend too!

image via miss molly


Happy Monday!

I know, I know, those two words (Monday + Happy) don't usually go together but I'm actually excited about this week for two specific reasons. First of all, it's the week before I go home for the holiday break (hooray!) and secondly, it's my birthday this week! I usually plan something for the big day, a fancy night out on the town or an ugly Christmas Sweater Party, but this year I'm feeling a little lazy so I'm just going with the flow and being spontaneous about the whole thing. Anywho, hope your Monday isn't too terribly dreary and if it is, I hope this little print makes your day like it did mine.

image via that's happy


A Hand-made Christmas

This year I decided to go handmade for the holidays. My goal next year is to go toally handmade with not only my own wishlist, but all the presents I get for everyone. Santa Mum and I have developed a fabulous (and very efficient) Christmas system-- I submit my wishlist early in November and she gets to pick and chose whatever she likes. Number one on my wishlist was anything from Emerson Made. To narrow things down (and not insist on $300 jeans), I picked these gorgeous flower pins. I've been lusting after a Forest Bound bag since I stumbled onto their shop, which is like heaven because not only are things handmade but they're handmade from recycled materials (I just died a little). Everytime I send anything in the mail, I stop and think how much cuter it would look with a Primele stamp on it. And finally, I obviously need something ocean-themed to round out the list and I love this little sea star necklace by Starfish and the Sea.

So, what's on your wishlist this year?


Tenenbaum Tuesday

Just a little tribute to one of my all time faves. Hope your week is going oh-so-well!

margot image courtesy of c.p. (unknown source); richie image by nan lawson


Friday Fun

This kid totally rocks my face off.  Who can resist busting a move when they hear this song? I friggin' love it!

found via another passenger


Holey Cow!

Pardon me sir, I do believe there is a large hole in your tummy. Ha! This is one of the new art pieces at Fairchild. I haven't been a huge fan of the art collections they've had over the last couple of years (Lichtenstein just didn't tickle my pickle), but I must admit that I actually like this year's exhibit. This is one of the pieces by Claude & Francois-Xavier Lalanne. There are also sheep, bunnies, owls, stags, and other lovely creatures frolicking through the garden. Next time I'm in Miami I'll take a few more shots to share with you all or if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and take a gander for yourself!

image taken by teddo, inc.


Too often...

Does anyone else suffer from this dilemma? I find that it happens a lot when I'm watching football on Sundays. My urge to eat simply cannot compete with the couch and my extreme laziness. I haven't turned into a skeleton and died yet. Let's keep our fingers crossed on that one.

image via the daitny squid