Bon Iver for your Wednesday

I'll keep with the Glee-ish theme and pass on this great little vid. Fantastic things like this only happen in Paris. Hey, anyone want to head on over to Paris with me?

found via ellemenoh


And I'm back!

So sorry for my prolonged absence my friends, I've been feeling uber-mopey lately! Whenever I feel the mean reds, I can't help but also feel utterly silly about it because I know that my teensy weensy troubles are nothing compared to everything that's going on around us all right now. So I thought it best to refrain from broadcasting my pity party on the blog-o-sphere, and return only when I was my grateful, cheery self again (I'm like 95% there, so humor me). And what can I attribute this stupendous recovery to? You guessed it people, Glee. Now I know that some of you just cringed at that last sentence, but I have to admit that those song and dance routines (especially the Journey and Madonna numbers) combined with the oh-so-wholesome goodness of the characters and story lines, was just the trick to make me perk up and count my blessings. Well, that and I seriously have made some pretty darn spectacular friends here in Monterey. So, to my friends and to Glee I say, Thank you with all my heart for yanking me out of my silly little slump. Here's wishing you all a lovely week!

go ahead and check out this fantastic blog (it's on my daily read list now) WWEPW


Alice + Me = Very much in common

I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it. That explains the trouble that I'm always in...

beautiful Mary Blair illustration via the lovely black apple.


Weekend plans

I'm definitley buying this poster from Sad Little Crown, as it is thus far my favorite take on the old Keep Calm version. I may squeeze a little retail therapy and the Super Bowl in between bouts of flinging and sobbing this weekend. Oh the many wonders of being single and having to rifle through all the toads. I very much admire all the single ladies (and some gents) that keep putting themselves out there; it's just not easy to lift yourself up and put yourself back together again. Dammit, it's friggin' hard!


A new hobby...

This Heather Ross surfboard makes me want to learn how to surf! So gorgeous!