And I'm back!

So sorry for my prolonged absence my friends, I've been feeling uber-mopey lately! Whenever I feel the mean reds, I can't help but also feel utterly silly about it because I know that my teensy weensy troubles are nothing compared to everything that's going on around us all right now. So I thought it best to refrain from broadcasting my pity party on the blog-o-sphere, and return only when I was my grateful, cheery self again (I'm like 95% there, so humor me). And what can I attribute this stupendous recovery to? You guessed it people, Glee. Now I know that some of you just cringed at that last sentence, but I have to admit that those song and dance routines (especially the Journey and Madonna numbers) combined with the oh-so-wholesome goodness of the characters and story lines, was just the trick to make me perk up and count my blessings. Well, that and I seriously have made some pretty darn spectacular friends here in Monterey. So, to my friends and to Glee I say, Thank you with all my heart for yanking me out of my silly little slump. Here's wishing you all a lovely week!

go ahead and check out this fantastic blog (it's on my daily read list now) WWEPW

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