The Reality Side

My absolute favorite scene from 500 Days of Summer. It's been playing in my mind quite a bit lately, actually. And that's so completely what it feels like! It's as if you're on the wrong side, and you can feel it but there's no way to get back onto the other side- the one where you'd be happy. What makes it even harder is that the reality side can also be quite lonely at times. At first everyone has plenty of encouraging words- You deserve so much better; oh, it's totally his loss. And then the sympathy subsides and slowly turns into impatience- You need to get over it; just move on! And then you're trapped on the reality side, where you can't talk to the person that you loved because they've decided that they don't want you anymore, and you can't talk to the people around you because they've decided that they don't want to hear about him anymore. What a great scene. If you still haven't seen 500 Days of Summer, stop what you're doing this very moment and go watch it. And thanks for letting me rant a bit. ;)


Happy First Day of Autumn!

I'm so excited for this new fall season! Some of my favorite things happen in the fall- watching lots of football, planning for my Halloween costume, eating lots of candy in my awesome Halloween costume, and eating lots of everything for Thanksgiving! So much yumminess to look forward to, I can hardly wait.

image via the amazing danielle kroll


North Cackalacky!

This weekend I made a short trip out to Wilmington, NC for a friend's wedding. The wedding itself was gorgeous and I must say that Wilmington is now one of my favorite places in NC. The weather was deliciously warm! Wilmington is a great mix of quirky, artsy and crazy college town. There was lots of dancing, plenty of eating and too much drinking. All together, it made for an awesome weekend. Hope you all had a lovely one too!

bird image via here; key image via here (I loved this fence that had tons of keys just hanging all over it...coolness)



Bee, my newest style guru. How spectacular is her blog? If only I had the financial resources I would definitely dress like this gorgeous lady everyday. Buh-na-nas!

image via atlantic-pacific


My New Crush

As of last week we have an exciting new visitor at the Aquarium! That's right, there's a great white shark in our midst! He's not too big (4'7" and about 50 lbs.) but he's definitely spectacular, and I must confess to stopping by and visiting him quite a bit already. Our previous white sharks have only stayed for a few months before being released back into the ocean, so let's hope Kevin (my unofficial name for him) sticks around for a good while!

image via monterey bay aquarium and see if you can spot him on the web cam!


In an old house in Paris...

...lived twelve little girls...the smallest one was Madeline! I stumbled onto these little beauties on Katie's fantastic blog and luckily nobody had swipped them yet; so I did! Can't wait to get them in the mail (and send them in the mail too!).

images via leaseguin