The Reality Side

My absolute favorite scene from 500 Days of Summer. It's been playing in my mind quite a bit lately, actually. And that's so completely what it feels like! It's as if you're on the wrong side, and you can feel it but there's no way to get back onto the other side- the one where you'd be happy. What makes it even harder is that the reality side can also be quite lonely at times. At first everyone has plenty of encouraging words- You deserve so much better; oh, it's totally his loss. And then the sympathy subsides and slowly turns into impatience- You need to get over it; just move on! And then you're trapped on the reality side, where you can't talk to the person that you loved because they've decided that they don't want you anymore, and you can't talk to the people around you because they've decided that they don't want to hear about him anymore. What a great scene. If you still haven't seen 500 Days of Summer, stop what you're doing this very moment and go watch it. And thanks for letting me rant a bit. ;)

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