Il Vecchio

My favorite restaurant and my new fave blog (Brooklyn to West) have something in common-- the fabulous Ariele.  This blogger and artist extraordinaire designed the gorgeous interiors of Il Vecchio, and her blog has actually inspired me to do some interior decorating myself! My friend and I went to our local junk store and found a lovely little coffee table (for $10!) that we will be refurbishing in the next couple of weeks. I'll be sure to share the before and after photos!

images via brooklyn to west




This picture makes me so excited about Thanksgiving I could just pee my pants. Food+Football+Friends=AWESOME. This year, I decided to stay in Monterey for the holiday so I'm missing Family from this equation, which would make it absolute perfection. Happy Thanksgiving all!

image via etymologie


LOTW- Miss S

I've been feeling under the weather all week, so our star this week is little Miss Suki-- the most wonderful, cuddly, couch potato partner a girl could ever ask for. Isn't she the cutest thing EVER?

image by me



Scattered Crystal studded Starfish Earring Large Gold 

These Oliphant lovelies are at the top of my X-mas Wishlist this year.  


Sweater Weather

Yes folks, there actually are penguins running around in sweaters. In New Zealand. The reason is not as cute as the result. There was an oil spill and the clean-up that ensued left a lot of little penguins wet and cold. Enter the local knitting shop with a brilliant solution-- penguin sweaters. So locals took to their knitting needles and donated a bunch of mini-sweaters to keep these guys nice and toasty. Head on over to Oceana for the full story and to take some action and help stop the nastiness that is offshore drilling.

image via oceana



LOTW- Napa Valley

Went wine tasting in Napa Valley a couple of weeks ago. This was taken at the Chateau Montelena which was absolutely gorgeous! Happy weekend! (Shirt from Anthropologie; skirt, JCrew; shoes, Steve Madden)

image taken by roberto b.


Sea Turtle R & R

Take a tour of a sea turtle hospital! Some of these stories are a little sad- turtles getting caught in fishing gear, swallowing trash, or getting injured by a boat propeller- but it's good to know there's a place (and lots of people) dedicated to helping them recover and hopefully getting them back out into the wild where they belong. Hands down my dream job.

video via oceana.org



I've already got Christmas on the brain (yay!), and I'm loving these Honeycup prints for gifts. They're just so darn cute!

images via honeycup


LOTW- Halloween Edition

Yup, I did it. Pregnant Rachel Zoe for Halloween. Buh-nanas!

photo taken by the lovely Daisy