When I grow up

I always wonder what the kids I work with will turn out to be when they grow up. Hopefully I've inspired a few of these rugrats to do something extraordinary with their lives. I'm loving the new "Curious for Life" ad campaign that gives a little insight on the scientists behind all those confusing/overwhelming studies and discoveries we often hear or read about. I'm not only digging the graphic design of these ads, but also enjoying a glimpse into what made these awesome people become what they are today. I remember one key moment that lead me towards science. During my freshman year in college, we went on a field trip to the Kennedy Space Center. One of the astronauts asked me what I was planning to study. It was a toss up between acting and environmental science and I was leaning toward acting (I mean, how many scientists get to work with Leonardo Dicaprio!?). His response, "There are too many actresses and not enough scientists. Go with science." Done and done.

image via the union of concerned scientists (found on inhabitat)

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Silver Strands said...

Absolutely wonderful post. Your kids are lucky to have you as an influence on their early lives!