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Well, after a few weeks of exhaustion, a variety of small to medium crises at work, and a car accident (not a serious one), I'm happy to say I survived with all ten fingers and toes. I apologize for such a prolonged disappearance but I hope you have all been well and enjoying the summer! It's been a busy one for me, needless to say, with lots of changes as well as challenges. The good news that I've been waiting to tell you is that I moved into my very own apartment! Thanks to a generous donation from the Mom Foundation, I bought a little studio here in Monterey and moved in about two weeks ago. I've never lived on my own, and I must say I absolutely love it. So far it's a little sparse with only a bed, a couch and my teeny tiny T.V. propped up on moving boxes, but it's slowly beginning to look like a little home. I'll post some pictures for you later on in the week. As I'm sitting on the couch writing this entry, I just realized how much I miss blogging! It's good to be back.

image via better than fine

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Dee said...

You are worth every little penny my little scientist :)