Green butts!

Walk down any beach in Miami and you'll find countless cigarette butts and bits of filters everywhere. The sand doesn't mean it's an ashtray people! Definitely one of my biggest pet peeves, it baffles me that smokers think it's okay to throw their cigarette butts just anywhere, all willy-nilly. But what if you actually could throw your nasty cigarettes on the ground because from the grossness comes glory-- flowering plants! Enter Greenbutts. The cigarette filter made out of biodegradable organic cotton that sprouts flowers or grass when thrown in the soil. Soon smokers will be able to say, "Yes I realize that my lungs are blacker than tar but it's for a good cause!" [Insert sarcastic glance here]

images from inhabitat found via altruism in the morning

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Erin said...

I especially hate when they throw their butts out the car window. What? You don't want to clean out your own ashtray? You prefer to litter? (Seething)