Ninja vs. Giant mosquito bug

So, the other night I was about ready to fall asleep when I spotted a pretty big moth fluttering around my lamp. I was not about to sleep with a giant bug buzzing around my room, so I decided that I would catch-and-release this wayward little creature. First I tried to catch it with a plastic bag, which was unsuccessful. Next, I tried a cardboard box which was equally unsuccessful with the added bonus of sending the box flying across the room while I screamed bloody murder as the panicked moth flew straight into my face. Finally I walked to the kitchen to get a mug and a piece of paper. I'm sure the moth was as exhausted as I was after the whole ordeal because she just sat on the floor as I put the cup over her and carried her safely to the backyard.

In between all the moth shenanigans I discovered one of those giant mosquito bug things. We don't have these in Miami, and I must say that they totally freak me out! They make this terrible buzzing sound when they fly, and their overall look is very ominous.  I quickly gave up trying to be humane about the whole thing when this crazy looking bug decided to fly at me and sent me ducking, running and shrieking all over the room. I ended up swatting at the thing repeatedly with my weapon of choice- a yellow, floral hand towel.  Every time it landed somewhere I smacked it with the towel. Even the lamp went flying off the night stand when I banged the towel against it. Clearly, this offensive attack just pissed the bug off even more. Almost 45 minutes later, armed with the vacuum cleaner, a bottle of hairspray (I was trying to incapacitate the thing by freezing it's wings), and my trusty hand towel, I defeated my enemy. It landed high up on the wall, I perched myself up on the bed looking very much like a predatory cat or a stealthy ninja (that's how I prefer to think of myself, thank you) and SMACK! Victory.

image via temple 7e's etsy shop...i want them all!

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