Sylvia Earle!

I had a brush with science royalty this afternoon and I simply had to brag a little. I am not only lucky to work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium but I'm also lucky to work right next door to the Hopkins Marine Lab (part of Stanford University) so you know there's always all kinds of big-wigs wandering through the 'hood. Well today, maybe one of the biggest wigs of marine science and conservation gave a lecture-- Sylvia Earle. Think of her as the female Jacques Cousteau. It was an epic opportunity to actually hear her speak in person (we were in the second row!) and I left the talk with a renewed sense of appreciation for what I do everyday and what I've dedicated my life to. One of the things that she said really struck me, "Heaven is doing what you love." Amen sistuh, amen. Go check out all the amazing things that Sylvia has done and her ridiculously inspiring TED talk.

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