Earth Day!

Well, this year Earth Day kinda crept up on me-- I actually almost forgot about it all together! But I found this website in the nick of time and I submitted my Earth Day pledge yesterday. So, starting tomorrow (Earth Day) I will not buy any plastic products for an entire week. Now, it may sound like I'm low-balling my pledge with just a measly week. But think about it, everything comes packaged in plastic these days. A few of my favorite products are guilty of this crime-- goat cheese, sour cream, cookies, taquitos (how random is this list?!). If you don't have any plans for this Earth Day (or even if you do), visit the One Billion Acts of Green website and you can pledge to keep away from plastic with me, or make a pledge of your own. Happy Earth Day!


Silver Strands said...

Good for you! It's crazy everything that uses plastic ... thanks for the reminder.

the same fish said...

It was actually really tough! I had to buy a handful of plastic products because there was no other option! It's definitely made me more aware of my plastic use though.