Stuck in my head

Ever since the She & Him show, I've had these lyrics stuck in my head. At least it's a good song,  it can get really annoying when it's a commercial jingle (who hasn't been tortured by that five dollar foot-long song?) or worse, a Black-Eyed Peas' song. I'm so 3000 and eight, you so 2000 and late!

image via miss molly


Silver Strands said...

... but the absolute WORST song to get stuck in your head is "...this is the song that never ends ..." Oh! sorry. Did I get you singing that now? Well, at least it's not a jingle :)

the same fish said...

Okay, that song is pretty terrible but I loved the little lamb that sang it on Lamb Chops! That was one of my favorite shows as a kid.

the same fish said...
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