Happy Oceans Day!

The oceans are clearly my (and this turtle's) favorite place in the whole wide world, and it's so very important that each of us plays our part to help protect the beautiful ocean ecosystems that we all depend on for so many things. Everyone shares the responsibility for the damage we've already done to our oceans (especially since last month's oil spill). Today I'm pledging to do my part and significantly reducing my use of plastics, i.e. no more plastic shopping bags, no more ziploc bags or plastic wrap, etc. It's going to be a tough one, but I'm going to try my darndest! What's your pledge?

Wanna do something? Follow this link to send a letter to your representatives. Go ahead, it'll make you feel all active and involved. Yay oceans!

image via sea pics

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Silver Strands said...

GREAT post - and fabulous picture. Thanks for that.