Photos from San Rafael & Bioneers

Fine Dining in Napa Valley

Crazy Cool Chandeliers at Rotisserie & Wine Restaurant

Seriously delicious grub

Creepy Cow Feet at a Bodega in Downtown San Rafael

Candles at the Bodega

Hula Hoops at Bioneers

Imogen Heap at Bioneers!

Word! We ran into a few Occupy Wallstreet protests.


Anonymous said...

So happy to be featured on your blog! Fancy and AWE-some dinner! Def worth the trip to Napa! And those hula hoops - oh how they fly around waists, necks, ankles & more!

Matthew Andrae said...

Hi, 'nice pic of Imogen and myself. I am hoping for your permission to post it on my facebook page. Would that work for you? Thanks. You can reach me at my website matthew andrae dot com

the same fish said...

Hi Matthew! Of course you can post this picture, and if you'd like the color original I can send that to you as well! BTW- the performance was BRILLIANT.