Look of the Week

After reading (and loving) so many fashion blogs, I've finally been inspired to post some of my own looks. I'll post my favorite Look of the Week just to start with, and hopefully I can keep up! I was working at Anthro today so I wore something comfy, but the teal pants are one of my faves. I'm a bit camera shy, that's why the giggling in the picture. Hope you like!

image taken by the lovely Olyvia
top and necklace: Jcrew; pants and boots: Anthropologie


Anonymous said...

Love the idea! I can't wait to see your future looks!

the same fish said...

Thanks! :)

Blace said...

Love this look too! So put together. I just started doing outfits too...put if off mainly because I don't have a photographer/I'm camera shy too.

the same fish said...

Thanks B! I know what you mean about the photographer too. I'm always embarrassed to ask friends or co-workers to take my picture!