Yes, please

Anthro's new bathroom collection is beeeaaauuuutiful! They definitely have the best shower curtains. No matter that they're insanely expensive. There's just something oh-so-wonderful about having tons of ruffles in one's bathroom! I'm loving this one bathroom with the dark floors, clawfoot tub and vintage-y curtain. We have a clawfoot tub! You've gotta start somewhere right? I'm starting back at Anthro this Sunday and am very excited to have lots of time to look over all their new and lovely things. The local store is just heavenly and I've already got my eyes on a few things. There goes the budget!

image via anthropologie


Mama Sky said...

I'm planning to paint the bathroom floor and the outside of the tub. Gold balls under the claws, for sure.

the same fish said...

Oooo! Sounds fancy! I'll definitely help with the painting. I might be tempted to get the lotus rug in the pic for the bathroom. Gorgeous!