Found it!

After weeks of scouring Craigslist ads, I finally found a place to live! I must admit that I lost hope for a few seconds after arriving at the first place. There were dingy shoes (spider webs inside and all) next to the front door and the house itself was located on a frighteningly steep cliff (there aren't too many of those in Miami). After a peek inside the house through some very dusty windows, I quickly turned around, looked mum straight in the eyes and mouthed the word RUN. We backed out of that steep cliff rather quickly, very possibly leaving tire marks on the driveway. Lesson learned-- on Craigslist photos really are worth a thousand words. The photo above was taken in the garden at my lovely new home. Phew!

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Mama Sky said...

Kitty? What kitty?

And how odd to see a familiar jumble assume a position in cyberspace!