Quiet house

Last week I was dogsitting for some friends and my little studio was just bustling with activity. We were total couch potatoes most of the time but I know Suki had fun with all the company and the occasional rough-housing. This morning I found her curled up next to the spot where we had stationed Wendy and Annie's doggie bed. I couldn't stand the sad puppy face so I bribed her with a treat before I left the house. Instant happiness.

top image is suki, bottom is wendy (on the left) and annie (on the right)


Sara Bayles said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment on The Daily Ocean! Where did you get that great Oceana banner? I was one of their Ocean Hero finalists this year, and I'd love to put one up on my blog.

If you ever want to do a beach cleanup in Monteray and put it up on The Daily Ocean as part of my Community Count let me know and I will tell you about it.

p.s. the name for your blog is really great! and i have a good friend on etsy if you want to connect with her. she's incredible.

TMoney said...

Our girls had a great time with you and Suki, I know! It's so comforting to know they are in good hands. It's pretty rare to find female dogs that can hang out for as long as these three girls do without hassles. We'll have to do play dates! Great photos, btw! :)