V-Day Bandwagon (Jump!)

There are plenty of reasons why so many people shun Valentine’s Day—it’s a Hallmark holiday, it's full of crowded restaurants, and it makes people buy silly, gushy presents like those creepy stuffed bears (their beady little eyes freak me out) that say "I Wuv You." Despite all these shortcomings, I just love any excuse to buy (or make) treats for friends and family and I’ll definitely take any excuse to eat chocolate!

This year I'm heading over to Fairchild (which means I'm going back to work) for their V-day concert. Jon Secada is a bit too cheesy for my taste but it's a small price to pay for a night-time picnic in the garden. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

BTW- Apartment hunting from 3,000+ miles away is NOT easy!

image via miss molly

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